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Services Provided

Assessment Services

Comprehensive evaluations may include a confidential, clinical interview as well as selecting, administering, scoring, and interpreting of instruments designed to measure personal characteristics and includes the application of non-standardized methods. Results help determine appropriate methods of treatment for each client.

Individual Counseling for adults ages 18 and Older

Professional counseling includes one-on-one activities that assist a client in developing an understanding of different life aspects and in planning and effecting actions to increase functioning or gain control of his or her behavior in such areas. Counseling follows a planned procedure of intervention that takes place on a regular basis, over a period of time.

The goals of individual counseling include building on personal strengths, learning new skills and tools to assist you how to create a healthy internal dialogue and develop restorative coping skills, and nurturing each aspect of your being to create balance; which is essential to your overall health.

The ultimate goal of my treatment is to help you find solutions and possibilities to the challenges you are facing today and for you to be able to create steps toward success without me.

Psychoeducational Groups/Workshops

The educational focus of these groups is on practical life skills. Participants have the opportunity to discuss their feelings and problems with peers who are struggling with similar issues while under the guidance of a counselor. Coping skills are taught to help manage the way they react to these problems. The environment is supportive and confidentiality and beliefs are respected. This interaction helps each person gain new insights and perspectives.